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Server Help
/startTeleports you to the start button.
/stop, /resetStops/Resets your timer.
/pause, /unpausePause your timer.
/cp, /checkpointCreate checkpoint.
/tp, /gocheckTeleports you to the last checkpoint.
/stuck, /unstuckTeleports you to the previous checkpoint.
/ct, /specTransfer you to spectator or player.
/scoutGives you scout.
/noclipToggles noclip on.
+hookGives you hook.
+jetGives you jet.
/pro15, /nub15Shows you the current Pro15 or Nub15 players on the map.
/prorecords, /nubrecordsShows you how much pro records and nub records you have.
/prorank, /nubrankShows you which rank on the map you are.
/playedShows you how much time you have played on the server.
/menuShows you the Kreedz Menu.
/hpGives you 1 HP if you have the 0 HP bug.
/invisShows you the invisible water/player menu.
/bg, /wr, /ccShows you current world or non-world record on the map.
/compareCompares your time to bulgarian, world or cosy records. (You should finish the map first.)
/helpShows you this.

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