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Kibczyk has beaten kz_cg_venice in 19:56.23 [Nub15]
oni has beaten kzra_crystal_palace in 09:11.03 [Pro15]
Moum 'szk has beaten bkz_goldbhop in 01:52.04 [Pro15]
JUST ANOTHER SOMEONE has beaten kz_anubis in 03:49.62 [Pro15]
fresh has beaten kz_kzse_natureblock in 10:22.96 [Nub15]
La mule facétieuse has beaten bkz_pyramidblock in 18:30.56 [Nub15]
peregrinin has beaten kz_megabhop in 02:17.96 [Pro15]
TjolazZ has beaten kz_minimountain in 03:18.56 [Nub15]
kekmeister has beaten cobkz_minecraft in 03:08.38 [Nub15]
actuator has beaten bkz_goldbhop_v2 in 08:18.28 [Pro15]

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